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Where can documentation be found for the features of GDB, and the debugging process, specific to debugging of Cell Linux programs mixing PPU and SPU code?

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Documents at the IBM developerWorks site for Cell can be found here: Cell @developerWorks

You sound like you'd want the Programmer's Guide, which goes through debugging Cell applications.

Edit to add sample topics:

  • Chapter 3. Debugging Cell BE applications
    • ...
    • Debugging PPE code
    • Debugging SPE code
    • ...
    • Debugging in the Cell BE environment
    • Debugging multithreaded code
    • Debugging architecture
    • Switching architectures within a single thread
    • ...
    • Using the combined debugger
    • ...
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One comprehensive overview seems to be here http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/redpieces/abstracts/sg247575.html?Open

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