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I have a table in which there are two timestamp columns that represents effective and expiration dates and I need to fetch those rows where the current timestamp falls in those two date columns.

This can be done by putting condition in SQL query as follows
effectiveDate <= current_timestamp and current_timestamp < expirationDate.

The issue is that the above condition is to be satisfied if expirationDate is not null. If it is null, then only
effectiveDate <= current_timestamp will be checked.

This is a sort of some dynamic SQL, i guess. I am using Hibernate in the project. i can use either critera API or HQL or SQL anything.

Please let me know how this can be done.

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Your first version is not quite SQL. But what you want is something like:

where effectiveDate <= current_timestamp and
      (expirationDate is NULL or current_timestamp < expirationDate)
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There is nothing dynamic about the SQL you want. Try this:

Criteria c = sf.getCurrentSession().createCriteria(MyObject.class)

Calling c.list() will return every MyObject that has an effectiveDate less than the given date AND also has an expirationDate that is either null or greater than the given date.

Should give you what you want as long as you don't mind using Hibernate Criteria Queries.

Note: Feel free to exchange .lt(...) and .gt(...) with .le(...) and .ge(...) depending on your specific requirements.

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