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I'm just trying to create a simple graphics window using JRuby. So I installed JRuby and am using rubymine IDE. I have this piece of code:

include Java

import java.awt.Color
import javax.swing.ImageIcon
import javax.swing.JLabel
import javax.swing.JPanel
import javax.swing.JFrame

class Graphics < JFrame
  def initialize
    super "Absolute"

  def initUI
    panel = JPanel.new
    panel.setLayout nil
    panel.setBackground Color.new 66, 66, 66
    self.getContentPane.add panel

    self.setDefaultCloseOperation JFrame::EXIT_ON_CLOSE
    self.setSize 350, 300
    self.setLocationRelativeTo nil
    self.setVisible true

I run this and it compiles with no errors. RubyMine says:

Process finished with exit code 0

But nothing happens, I don't see any window at all. How do I get a simple graphics window to appear? Thanks

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You've defined a class, nothing more. –  Dave Newton Apr 22 '13 at 21:54

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Your code just defines a class and then hits the end of file, so it exits. Try creating an instance at the end, with Graphics.new.

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