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I just want to ask whether boost::bimap provides a method to find the relation in the bimap? since I have a bimap with unordered_multiset at both side, I will need a function to check whether these is a relation between two objects. I read some documentation but didnt find that.

class MyClass
  std::string s1;
  std::string s2;
  bool operator == (MyClass const& myClass)
    return (s1 == myClass.s1 && s2 == myClass.s2);

namespace std
  struct hash<MyClass>
    std::size_t operator()(const MyClass& myClass) const
      std::size_t Seed = 0;
      boost::hash_combine(Seed, myClass.s1);
      boost::hash_combine(Seed, myClass.s2);
      return Seed;

int main()
  typedef boost::bimaps::bimap<boost::bimaps::unordered_multiset_of<client,std::hash<MyClass>, std::equal_to>, boost::bimaps::bimap<boost::bimaps::unordered_multiset_of<client,std::hash<MyClass>, std::equal_to>> MyBiMap;

  MyBiMap MAP;

  Map.value_type myRelation;
//    I want to check whether there is a relation between myClassObject1,myClassObject4
//    for example MAP.find(myRelation(myClassObject1,myClassObject4)) returns the iterator
//    and MAP.find(myRelation(myClassObject1,myClassObject6)) returns end();
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Try to give some example code (or at least something that demonstrate the wanted behavior). –  perror Apr 22 '13 at 19:13
just edited, see my original post, thx –  cynric4sure Apr 22 '13 at 19:19

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