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Hi I have the following problem. I am building a form inside a div which initially is with display:none; inside that form I have two fields - e-mail and password like this:

<form id="formino" name="blah" action="" autocomplete="on"><input type="text" name="emal" id="maila" autocomplete="on"> .................. </form> ....

So in that way the integrated in the browser autocomplete(autofill) doesn't work no matter what I do. The doctype is html5. The html is perfectly constructed. It never worked before . The browser is thousand times checked and is with the best settings for that with all the privacy stuff done right (IE,FF,Chrome).

Please don't suggest "we need more info, etc , etc". Assume that everything is ok with the code. Again: Fancybox, div - display:none; form , inputs, AJAX after button click, bind on the submit() with return false;


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Anyone? Something? :) – AJ bg Apr 22 '13 at 19:24
you probably tried already, but did you try removing "display:none"? or you have more inputs with same name? – Davor Mlinaric Apr 22 '13 at 19:35

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