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In Chrome/Safari/Firefox, if the user clicks on a span inside an a tag, the :active psuedo-class appears to also be applied to the containing element / parent. However, in IE, this does not seem to be the case, and :active only is applied to the element being directly clicked on.

This is posing some challenges as I try to do :active styling on buttons whose markup is fairly complex.

A simple example of this is here on JSFiddle. Click directly on the text in a non-IE browser, and then compare the :active state to what you get by clicking directly on the text in IE.

Is there a way to get the :active state to pass through to the containing a in IE? Assume no JS in the solution as a constraint.

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The only way I know how to do this in IE is to use the button element, rather than a link element, since without Javascript you cannot traverse the dom up to the parent.

The caveat though is that you don't get the yellow :active background from the span element anymore. Hope this helps.

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