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I am new to using the Html.DropDownList in the MVC framework and am having a hard time understading how to select the data out my database to bind to the DropDownList. Is there an easy way to return a bindable list (such as a SelectList) from a standard LINQ query?

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The SelectList constructor takes an IEnumerable so all you need to do is pass the LINQ query to the constructor like so

 var query = from c in customers
                        select c;

 var customerList = new SelectList(query, "CustomerId", "CustomerName");

You should do this in the Controller and have the SelectList in your ViewModel.

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You want to use the select keyword in the LINQ query:

var foo = new SelectList(from x in FooRepository.Items
                         select new SelectListItem { Text = x.Name, Value = x.Id });
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This does not work for me. I try to iterate the resulting SelectList as decsribed here and get only System.Web.Mvc.SelectListItem as text and null as value. – Pavel K Sep 25 '13 at 12:33
    var foo = FoorePository.Items.Select(s = > new SelectListItem 
                                          Text = s.Name, Value = s.Id.ToString()

Sorry about formatting.

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