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I am saving a key to a bucket with:

    key = bucket.new_key(fileName)
    key.set_metadata('Content-Type', 'image/jpeg')

After the save is successful, how can I access the URL of the newly created file?

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If the key is publicly readable (as shown above) you can use Key.generate_url:

url = key.generate_url(expires_in=0, query_auth=False)

If the key is private and you want to generate an expiring URL to share the content with someone who does not have direct access you could do:

url = key.generate_url(expires_in=300)

where expires is the number of seconds before the URL expires. These will produce HTTPS url's. If you prefer an HTTP url, use this:

url = key.generate_url(expires_in=0, query_auth=False, force_http=True)
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With boto 2.9.6 I had to use expires_in=0. expires_in=None gave me an error. –  dirk Jun 26 '13 at 21:09
Worth noting that expires_in=0 is "expires right now!" in boto 2.3.0 –  Dragon Dave Dec 6 '13 at 11:54
If the key is public (for example, you call make_public()), expires_in=0 does nothing -> the url generated by generate_url will never expire. In boto 2.2.2, generate_url(expires_in=None) throws an error because tries to calculate expiration date as "expires = int(time.time() + expires_in)" –  Alberto Megía Mar 6 at 12:16
I typically reach for the S3Connection.generate_url method if all I need to do is quickly generate a link. See an example here: coderwall.com/p/02lxqw –  Seth Nov 3 at 1:07
import boto
from boto.s3.connection import S3Connection

conn = S3Connection('AWS_ACCESS_KEY', 'AWS_SECRET_KEY')

secure_https_url = 'https://{host}/{bucket}/{key}'.format(

http_url = 'http://{bucket}.{host}/{key}'.format(

That's how I did it in boto 2.23.0 for a public URL. I couldn't get the expires_in=None argument to work.

Note that for HTTPS you can't use a subdomain.

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This works great and doesn't require a call to the S3 API. Thank you for including the HTTPS URL, too. –  Seth Feb 17 at 18:17
None of the approaches described here require a call to the S3 API. Some do require you to have boto installed and if the object you are linking to is publicly accessible you can avoid that by using the approach shown above. –  garnaat Mar 6 at 12:48

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