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For example:

<select ng-model="selectedCategory" ng-options="category as category.title for category in categories"></select>

Obviously, this will not work:

<button ng-click="removeCategory($index)">remove</button>

How could $index be accessed if not in a repeater?

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You shouldn't need to keep track of the index, simply remove the selectedCategory from the categories model in the removeCategory function:

Your controller might look like this JSFiddle:

app.controller("myCtrl", ['$scope', function($scope){
  $scope.model = {
    selectedCategory: {},
    categories: [
        {title: "Cat1"},
        {title: "Cat2"}
  $scope.model.selectedCategory = $scope.model.categories[0];

  $scope.removeCategory = function(){
    var ind = $scope.model.categories.indexOf( $scope.model.selectedCategory );
    $scope.model.categories.splice( ind, 1 );
    $scope.model.selectedCategory = $scope.model.categories[0];
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yup. That's what I was looking for, thank you very much –  TaylorMac Apr 22 '13 at 20:47

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