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I am getting two time intervals from a database, such as:

PickUpDateTime = "2013-4-20 12:00:00" and returndatetime ="2013-4-20 14:00:00".

How can I find the time interval between these two times in PHP?

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Make sure you know what they are representing. If these are in a local time zone, then you might be an hour off (positive or negative) when daylight savings time changes. In general, you should only subtract datetimes to get a duration if you can guarantee that they are in the same offset, or are factoring the offset into your equation. One easy way to do this, is to use UTC datetimes. – Matt Johnson Apr 23 '13 at 2:56
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Convert the to seconds, and subtract.

$date1 = strtotime($mysqldate1);
$date2 = strtotime($mysqldate2);
$diff_in_seconds = abs($date1 - $date2);
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Thanks a lot!! It solved my problem. – dissw.geek9 Apr 22 '13 at 22:09

I think u can use Mysql TIMESTAMPDIFF:

SELECT TIMESTAMPDIFF(SECOND, returndatetime, pickUpDateTime) as diffInSeconds FROM table
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You can use strtotime to convert them to timestamps. Then subtract/divide.

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