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After navigate to http://localhost:57645 code below returns 200 (OK) for "Dev HTTP Client" and 500 (InternalServerError) for "Chrome Browser".

public class SampleModule : Nancy.NancyModule
    public SampleModule()
        Get["/"] = _ =>
            return Negotiate

How is this possible?

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The behavior you're experiencing in the first example is expected. The browser is requesting text/html


Nancy is attempting to locate a view based on the type 10, since 10 is a type of Int32, Nancy is trying to find a view called Int32 since its trying to response with a View, since that's what the browser asked for.

The Dev Client you're using in Chrome is most likely sending a request for JSON by default which is why it appears to be working.

You can read more about this here:

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Thank you! Especially liked the trick with List`1.sshtml :) – user2217261 Apr 23 '13 at 17:16

Found it! In my case best to use

return Response.AsJson(10);
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