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I'm completely new to AIR but what I'm trying to do feels like it should be quite easy.

I want my AIR app to execute (launch) an SWF in the standalone Flash Player (just like if I were to double click it).

Please note that I don't want the AIR app to embed the SWF. Just run it.

Can this be done?

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The AIR-Runtime is (still) not able to launch external Applications, except Acrobat Reader for PDFs and the default Browser (you can let the browser display the swf).

I think you need some of this Frameworks:

What's the sense behind your plan, why AIR?

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Using Adobe AIR, you could launch / load the SWF into a separate native window. It would run in the same process as the AIR app loading / launching it, but the experience would be the similar if not the same for the end user.

mike chambers


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Thanks for the this, running it through a browser might be my solution then. FYI I'm using AIR to write some settings to a local text file that the SWF then can read.

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Most people don't have the standalone player - only people with Flash installed, so this isn't a very good idea, I don't think. Could you open a new AIR window with just the swf in it?

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