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I write the function foldTree that build balanced binary tree from list. I must use foldr and it's ok, i used it, but i make insertInTree function recursive =( for now i know only this way to walk through the trees =)).

UPDATE: iam not sure about function insertTree: is it right calculate the heights in recursion?? =(( need some help here.

Is it possible to write insertInTree without recursion (something with until/iterate/unfoldr) or make foldTree function without helper functions => shorter somehow?

this is my try below:

data Tree a = Leaf
            | Node Integer (Tree a) a (Tree a)
            deriving (Show, Eq)

foldTree :: [a] -> Tree a
foldTree = foldr (\x tree -> insertInTree x tree) Leaf

insertInTree :: a -> Tree a -> Tree a
insertInTree x Leaf = Node 0 (Leaf) x (Leaf)
insertInTree x (Node n t1 val t2) = if h1 < h2 
                                    then Node (h2+1) (insertInTree x t1) val t2 
                                    else Node (h1+1) t1 val (insertInTree x t2) 
  where h1 = heightTree t1
        h2 = heightTree t2

heightTree :: Tree a -> Integer
heightTree Leaf = 0
heightTree (Node n t1 val t2) = n


*Main> foldTree "ABCDEFGHIJ"
Node 3 (Node 2 (Node 0 Leaf 'B' Leaf) 'G' (Node 1 Leaf 'F' (Node 0 Leaf 'C' Leaf))) 'J' (Node 2 (Node 1 Leaf 'D' (Node 0 Leaf 'A' Leaf)) 'I' (Node 1 Leaf 'H' (Node 0 Leaf 'E' Leaf)))
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What do you think the height of the tree means? Can you define it? Does that match what insertInTree computes? – Chris Kuklewicz Apr 22 '13 at 21:56
I have only this definition from my homework task: The height of a binary tree is the length of a path from the root to the deepest node. For example, the height of a tree with a single node is 0; the height of a tree with three nodes, whose root has two children, is 1; and so on. Oh! something wrong this height computing =(( – Сергей Кузминский Apr 22 '13 at 22:56
Is the task to create the tree from an already-ordered list? Your recursive insertInTree is fine. you can make foldTree = foldr insertInTree Leaf. Can you clarify what you're asking besides the code-review type stuff? – jberryman Apr 23 '13 at 4:19
iam not sure about insertTree function now: it is right calculate the heights? i mean in- Node (h2+1) Node (h1+1)? and how to make insertTree as couple of pipeline functions? – Сергей Кузминский Apr 23 '13 at 9:27
Calculating the height is kind of necessary for balancing. You have already saved the height in each node so heightTree is O(1). – Emil Vikström Apr 23 '13 at 9:35

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Your insertion function is in error when the two sub-trees' heights are equal, because inserting into the right sub-tree will increase its height if it was already full. It is not immediately clear to me whether such situation will ever arise or not in your code.

The apparently correct way to insert a new element into a tree seems to be

insertInTree x (Node n t1 val t2) 
    | h1 < h2   = Node  n (insertInTree x t1) val t2 
    | h1 > h2   = Node  n    t1 val t2n 
    | otherwise = Node (h+1) t1 val t2n  
  where h1  = heightTree t1
        h2  = heightTree t2
        t2n = insertInTree x t2
        h   = heightTree t2n     -- might stay the same

This indeed creates almost shallowest tree. But it pushes each new element to the very bottom of the tree.

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