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I am able to execute the below command from PowerShell prompt and command prompt, but I am unable to schedule it using windows scheduler.

powershell script code:

appcert.exe test -apptype metrostyle -packagefullname abc_somename -reportoutputpath C:\result.xml

appcert.exe is a Microsoft provided exe for performing certification test on my Windows 8 application. I did the following:

  1. I am making a file ABC.ps1 with code:

    appcert.exe test -apptype metrostyle -packagefullname abc_somename -reportoutputpath C:\result.xml
  2. I create a batch file PQR.bat with this code:

    powershell -command "& 'PathOfABC\ABC.ps1' "
  3. I am scheduling it through Windows scheduler.

While creating task under actions tab, I choose following details:

  • Action: Start a program

  • Program/Script: Path to the batch file

  • Start in: Path of the folder containing the batch file

And I schedule it to run every 15 mins. The Task completes, but I do not see any result.xml in my C drive. Can you point me how can I schedule this batch file to execute every 15 mins?

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Use powershell -File "C:\path\to\ABC.ps1" to run powershell scripts. Or put the appcert.exe command directly in a batch script. Running a batch script to run a PowerShell script to run an executable is pointless.

Assuming that appcert.exe creates C:\result.xml when you run the script manually:

  • Do you have set the execution policy to at least RemoteSigned?
  • Does the user running the task have the Log on as batch job privilege?
  • Is the scheduled task configured to run with highest privileges (assuming that UAC is enabled)?

Did you try adding some debugging code to the script, e.g.

appcert.exe test ... >"%USERPROFILE%\appcert.log" 2>&1
exit /b %errorlevel%

Does appcert.log get created when you try to run the task? What does it say?

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