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I'm new in Scala and SBT. I want to run simple hello-world http server on Heroku with Spray and Akka. Spray-can's documentation at tells that simple example I can run this way:

git clone git://
cd spray
sbt "project simple-http-server" run

It works, but it depends on which is in spray-can source code and not merged to final Akka yet (2.2-SNAPSHOT) -

  1. Can I use from Akka 2.2-SNAPSHOT with my SBT? How?
  2. Can I use from Spray 1.1-M8-SNAPSHOT with my SBT? How?
  3. Is there another simple way to run hello-world spray-can?


Ad. 1., 2.: is in Akka 2.2-M3

But example from spray-can source code still doesn't work because of lack of spray.can.Http in Spray 1.1-M7. Any Idea how can I fix this?

package spray.examples

import{ActorSystem, Props}
import spray.can.Http

object Main extends App {

  implicit val system = ActorSystem()

  // the handler actor replies to incoming HttpRequests
  val handler = system.actorOf(Props[DemoService], name = "handler")

  IO(Http) ! Http.Bind(handler, interface = "localhost", port = 8080)
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The snapshot of Spray 1.1-M8 still only depends on Akka 2.1. Therefore, the IO module was backported from akka and is contained in spray for now so there is no dependency on Akka 2.2 yet. It's not clear to me what your problem actually is or what doesn't work. (Maybe let's take it over to the mailing list) – jrudolph Apr 23 '13 at 6:04
Maybe simply checkout the 1.1-M7 tag (, git checkout v1.1-M7) and run the examples from there. Should work without problems. – adamw Apr 23 '13 at 6:34
@adamw Thanks! Example from tag 1.1-M7 without works perfect. – Rafał Sobota Apr 24 '13 at 8:12

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