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I have a large collection of half-page sized PDF cut-sheets that are held in a folder on my Linux server. A user to the site will want to create a booklet from a subset of these. The booklet will be bound therefore the even pages of the collection will want more margin on the right side and the odd pages will want more margin on the left side. There can be up to 200 pages in a collection out of a universe of 500 pages so I don't want to regenerate each page to set the margin of it. It would take too much of the servers time to run the content through the DOMPDF. Just building the document using PDFTK is fast.

I'd like to merge the document with PDFTK from a centered PDF file and add the appropriate margin for the odd or even page.

If not PDFTK then is there another tool that might do the job?

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I guess the lack of response means there is no way to do this? –  Bob Brunius Apr 24 '13 at 16:22

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If you are still interested in this, you should have a look at pdfjam which allows you to offset and clip pdfs. With respect to your particular question you might do something like

pdfjam --twoside --offset '2cm 0cm' file.pdf

This shifts the even pages 2cm to the right and the odd one to the left.
pdfjam is a front end to the pdfpages package of pdflatex.

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