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I would like to get an action bar (navigation or outlook bar) which contains e.g. 6 Icons with text. If I click on an Icon, I would like to replace the content area of the outer control (nesting the 6 buttons) by an inner control in addition to a small back menu on top of it. The back button could also indicate the location where we are. So it is close to the outlook bar used within microsoft office.

I am using android:minSdkVersion="8". So I did not take a closer look to the android action bar. I am currently using the tab control. However, the tab control is not really what I want. Or can this be adjusted to provide my described functionality? I create controls at runtime, so I can tweek it, if someone knows how to get it close to what I am searching for. As alternative I would appreciate a library, with such a control.

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Android Support Library, revision 18 extend support of ActionBar down to API v7. There are good instructions how you can import it (v7 appcompat) to your project.

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