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I've been using expires_in to add a Cache-Control header to my responses. This way when a given user hits the same page again (e.g. when they hit back button) it won't bother hitting the server again until the cache expires.

What I did not realize is that Rails also writes a copy of the HTML to its cache if you specify public: true. This seems innocuous, but if you have a lot of Adsense traffic you will find that the cache quickly fills up because the gclid param (which is unique for each visitor) is not ignored by expires_in. This is especially problematic if you are using some kind of in-memory cache like Redis or Memcache.

With caches_action I am able to specify a :caches_path argument, and I use that to ignore certain parameters, such as gclid. Is there a way to do something similar with expires_in? Or is the only solution to use 'public: false' ?

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