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I have little knowledge of JavaScript and need some help. I have this code (below) which when the countdown finishes, it replaces the image with a new one.

I wanted to modify this so that instead of a countdown - a button (img) is pressed instead. Here's my design to get an idea: Design.

I'm guessing I'll need 4 imageloaders instead of just one this time (one for each box) and some code to make it so that when the "older ->" button is clicked it triggers the loading of images?

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <meta charset="UTF-8">
        <script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.3/jquery.min.js" type="text/javascript" charset="UTF-8"></script>
        <script src="js/jquery.countdown.js" type="text/javascript" charset="UTF-8"></script>
        <script type="text/javascript">
            <!-- The ready() function will force the browser to run wait running the javascript until the entire page has loaded -->
            $(document).ready(function() {

                // The jquery code for constructing and starting the counter
                // has been wrapped inside a function so we can call it whenever we want to
                function startCounter(imageLoader){
                         image: 'img/digits.png',
                         startTime: '00:03',
                         timerEnd: function(){ callback(imageLoader) },
                         format: 'mm:ss'

                // Takes care of whatever need to be done every time
                function callback(imageLoader){
                    // Replace image
                    $('#image').attr('src', imageLoader.nextImage());

                    // Clear the finished counter, so a new can be constructed in its place

                    // Construct a new counter and starts it

                function ImageLoader(images){
                    this.images = images;
                    this.current = 0;
                    this.nextImage = function(){
                        this.current = (this.current+1) % this.images.length;
                        return this.images[this.current];;

                // Fill in images in this array
                imageLoader = new ImageLoader(['img/turd.png', 'img/guitar.gif', 'img/carrot.jpg', 'img/puppy.jpg']);

                // Set everything off! (Construct a new counter and starts it)
        <style type="text/css">
                font-size: 36px;
                font-weight: bold;
                line-height: 77px;
        <div id="counter_2" class="counter"></div>
        <img id="image" src="img/turd.png" alt="Hot steaming turd">

Thanks everyone, I'm really stuck and really appreciate your help.

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So you don't want to see the countdown at all? Sounds like a case a good ol' fashioned JavaScript setInterval method: w3schools.com/jsref/met_win_setinterval.asp –  Dan-Nolan Apr 23 '13 at 0:20
@user1506980 No I don't, but I can just get rid of that - the problem is the imageloader, I need it to replace 4 images instead of just one. –  Quolo21 Apr 23 '13 at 0:45
You just want a button to scroll through the images? –  tymeJV Apr 23 '13 at 1:45
@tymJV Yeah, so like when I press "OLDER ->" it loads a set of different images. So I need help modifying the code above, to change 4 images instead of just one. –  Quolo21 Apr 23 '13 at 2:13
I'm not sure I can bring myself to help with code mentioning "hot steaming turds". –  isherwood Mar 3 '14 at 3:29

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