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I have 1000 account. each account has account_name, account_id, time_zone_id

I want to generate activities for every account to 3 users.

So I will need to generate 333 activities for used #10 and 333 for user #11 and 334 for user #12. But I need to make sure that the time zone is distributed equally. so if I have 200 account in a time zone 18 and 400 account in time zone 10 and 200 in time zone 7 and 200 in time zone 39 then I want to make sure I distribute those new activities for the users equally

I have tried something like this as a select to get the count and see if I am going the correct direction

SELECT count(ac.account_id) AS total, ac.time_zone_id,
(SELECT user_id FROM users where team_id = 4 ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 1 ) AS user_id
FROM accounts AS ac
GROUP BY ac.time_zone_id

this created the activities but it is not equal distribution.

Thanks for your time and help.

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The following would return a user_no ( 10-12 ) for each account. It sorts by time_zone_id and then uses the mod function to pick each of the three users in turn (user 10 for the first result, 11 for second, 12 for third, 10 for fourth and so on).

set @r = 0 ;
  @r:=@r+1 row_no, 
  mod(@r,3)+10 user_no 
order by 


you can get users in a similar way

set @ur = 0;
  @ur:=@ur+1 user_row_no,
from users
  where team_id = 4

Revised again

It would be something like this

Make some sample data

create table users( user_id int, team_id int) ;
insert into users select 2,4 
union select 3,4
union select 1,2
union select 7,4
union select 6,4;

create table account ( account_id int, 
                      account_name varchar(20),
                      time_zone_id varchar(3),
                      assigned_to int

insert into account(account_id ,account_name,time_zone_id)
select 1,'Janice','pst'
union select 2,'Jonny','gmt'
union select 3,'Jane','gmt'
union select 4,'Janet','pst'
union select 5,'James','gmt';

Make a table to pop the users in that we are interested in (could/should be a temp_table)

create table temp_user( id int AUTO_INCREMENT primary key,
                        user_id int

insert into temp_user( user_id ) 
select user_id 
from users 
where team_id = 4;

The update

set @r=0;

update account join 
      @r:=@r+1 row_no, 
    order by 
  ) x 
on x.account_id = account.account_id
  on mod(row_no,(select count(*) from temp_user)))
  set account.assigned_to = temp_user.user_id!2/164733/10

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Thank you. I shouyld have mentioned that user 10, 11, 12 I posted for the sake of the question and it is not real. there are many users in the database but I want to distribute the activities on all the users in team_id = 4 – Mike Apr 23 '13 at 0:43
+1 -- nice answer to original question -- if different users exist, cannot guarantee distribution between time zones -- what if you have 10 users and only 5 records in a specific time zone... This might be best handled in your presentation logic... – sgeddes Apr 23 '13 at 0:46
@Ian Kenney How can I execute this update without a synax error? Update accounts AS ac INNER JOIN ( set @r = 0 ; SELECT @r:=@r+1 row_no, account_id, account_name, mod(@r,3)+10 AS user_no from accounts order by time_zone_id) AS t ON t.account_id = ac.account_id SET ac.assigned_to = t.user_no – Mike Apr 25 '13 at 22:45
you would need to put the set @r=0; right at the beginning of the query (before "update accounts") – Ian Kenney Apr 25 '13 at 22:49
Thank you sir :) If there a way to do it if I was to do the same thing without knowing the user_ids? so If I have 100 users – Mike Apr 25 '13 at 22:55

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