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We have a (legacy) site that Bing's webmaster tools claims contains Malware. However, Google's tools, MacAfee's tools, Norton's tools and sucuri.net all claim it to be Malware free. In addition, I've looked through all the HTML & Javascript source and don't see anything that would raise a red flag (though I don't know how to check Flash, gifs or if there are any other vectors).

Is Bing just wrong? Microsoft claims their tool can detect Malware that other vendors can't, but I'm wondering if it is just a false positive. AV-TEST.org claims that Bing results include ~4x the number of Malware infected sites than Google (- which, if true, goes against their technology being better at detecting it).

(for example, Bing claims there is Malware on http://vacationhotline.net )

I've read that some Malware does browser fingerprinting and somehow hides itself unless the right browser & plugin are available to exploit - which might explain how Malware might go undetected unless tested with a variety of User-Agent strings.

Microsoft doesn't seem to have any tools that give any information except flagging a URL as "malware" without explanation. I've seen research references to Zozzle, but it doesn't appear to be available publicly.

Is there a definitive way to know? (short of re-writing a site) or a best-in-class tool or service out there?

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Some scripts (JS and PHP) have made my anti-virus go bananas. I don't know how or what Bing looks for though. Feels like this belongs on Super User or IT Security. –  Simon Carlson Apr 23 '13 at 1:51