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I am using Joda time and i have a problem to set day of the week and week of the month. Suppose if i select April 23,2013 which is (3rd day of 4th week of the month) i want next date 3rd day of 4th week of the month which is May 21. Is there a way to do this?

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Please define "week of the month". See this answer to a related question. –  Tom Blodget Apr 23 '13 at 2:29

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The simplest way to do it is next : use class java.util.Calendar

   static DateTime nextMonth(final DateTime current)
      final Calendar curr = current.toCalendar(Locale.getDefault());
      final Calendar retVal = Calendar.getInstance();
      retVal.set(Calendar.DAY_OF_WEEK, curr.get(Calendar.DAY_OF_WEEK));
      retVal.set(Calendar.WEEK_OF_MONTH, curr.get(Calendar.WEEK_OF_MONTH));
      retVal.set(Calendar.MONTH, curr.get(Calendar.MONTH) + 1);
      return new DateTime(retVal).withMillisOfDay(0);


DateTime dateTime = new DateTime(2013, 04, 23, 0 ,0 ,0 ,0); //April 23,2013
DateTime nextMonth = nextMonth(dateTime); // May 21, 2013
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I have to say.. I've seen many SO answerers push for the use of jodatime when the OP asks for a java.util.Calendar solution, but never have I see a java.util.Calendar solution when the OP asks for a jodatime solution. #backwards –  ryvantage Mar 8 at 21:41

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