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I am pretty new to Rails and keep getting the error below. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Please!

Error : undefined method `model_name' for NilClass:Class

Here is my memberships controller.

class MembershipsController < ApplicationController

 def new

 def create
  @user = User.find_by_email(params[:email])
  @project = Project.find(params[:project_id])
  @membership = @project.memberships.build(project_id: @project.id, user_id: @user.id)
  redirect_to project_url(@membership.project_id)


And Here is my form for membership. It is nested underneath project routes.

<%= form_for([:project, @membership]) do |f|%>
  <div class="field">
   <%= f.label "Enter the email of the person you'd like to invite:" %>
   <%= text_field_tag :email %>

  <div class="actions">
   <%= f.submit "Save", :class=>"btn btn-primary btn-large" %>
<% end %>

For your information, memberships table is a joining table between projects table and users table.

I can't figure out why I keep getting the error above. Maybe there is something I am missing. Help Please! Thanks!

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One of the 2 objects @user or @project cannot be found. Though the result becomes nil. You cannot call a method on a nil object. To know better where the faulty object is log the results.

Rails.logger.debug @user.inspect
Rails.logger.debug @project.inspect
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Your form should be form_for [@project, @membership] where @project is a Project instance, not :project.

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