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I have a view that has simple form inputs for several integers that I want to total - but I can't figure out how to do it. Obviously this doesn't work

OK to clarify this is a view form for the household model in haml (household doesn't have an @ because I'm using decent exposure)

= simple_form_for household do |f|
  %td= f.input :income1
  %td= f.input :income2
  %td= f.input :income3

  %td  Total Income #{household.income1.to_i + household.income2.to_i + household.income3.to_i}

I want to update the total as the user types in Income How do I do get the total?

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Really vague question. Maybe provide some context. Do you have a form for a certain model that has these attributes? Does what you have work so far (without the total income). If you do do have a model, what happens in the controller, how is your model instantiated? –  Arjan Apr 23 '13 at 14:27
do you want the income1,income2 and 3 to be displayed as well for total try defining attr_accessor :total on ur model and do this on view f.input :total ,:val => (f.object.income1 + f.object.income2 + f.object.income3) FYI This just a rough sketch out try reading the doc the syntax more of less like that describe but wont bet on it completely –  Viren Apr 25 '13 at 10:37
I edited the question - it was a little vague - this is only part of the form - I also put it in Haml - My thinking is I might need ajax –  tbrooke Apr 26 '13 at 22:18

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Ok I figured it out - this works but it doesn't display a total until it updates. I guess I need Ajax to do it live

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