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I am using jQuery position UI plugin for positioning helper icons on the web page. This is my code responsible for the position:

    if ( $(element_selector).length !== 0 && $(title_class_selector).length !== 0  ) {

    my: "center",
    at: cornerPosition,
    offset:"<?php echo $x_coordinates_foradjustment;?> <?php echo $y_coordinates_foradjustment;?>",
    of: $(element_selector)



Where cornerPosition has the following possible values:

left top
right top
left bottom
right bottom

It works pretty well until I encounter a problem for a specific div where I would like to append the icons. At first loading, the position is wrong (instead of left bottom it goes to left top) and the other one instead of right top, it goes to right bottom.

These are the affected element_selectors with their correct and wrong positions:

#wpv-featured-news-slider .span4:first-child .thumbnail
Correct position: Left bottom
Actual position on first loading of webpage: Left top

Correct position: Right top
Actual position on first loading of webpage: Right bottom

What is strange is that when I refresh the page(reloading the page), it now goes to their correct positions! Is this something wrong with the cache or the selectors? Is there a way to add some checks on this? I do not like to change the element_selectors to correct this problem.

This positioning system has been widely implemented in our different websites and this is the only occasion where I'm seeing this problem (all works OK with the rest). This could be a highly isolated case. I search for any related problems but could not find one. Any tips and suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks.

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Have you considered any issues with images? Sometime non cached images w/o specified height/width can cause position issues. Try https://github.com/desandro/imagesloaded and see if this helps.

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Thanks Fatmuemoo I will check on this..Cheers. –  Codex Meridian Apr 23 '13 at 5:44

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