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I think this is a bug in clojure/tools.logging. I have the following db.clj file. What it does is unimportant. The important part is that for safety I have disabled the *read-eval*. I invoke db/start with no problems. However, if I uncomment the #_(log/info "Failed to bootstrap") form, it throws an EvalReader not allowed error. I've tried all sorts of combinations for the log/info call. If it's outside of the try block, it's fine. Inside the try block anywhere, whether it's in the body, catch, or finally, it raises this exception. However, when I wrap a try around log/info elsewhere, it's fine.

What gives?

(ns extenium.db
  (:require [clojure.tools.logging :as log]
            [clojure.java.io :as io])
  (:import com.thinkaurelius.titan.core.TitanGraph

(def ^:private
  sentinel- (Object.))

(def ^:private
  db- (atom nil))


(defn start [^String path]
  (locking sentinel-
    (log/info "Starting database at path" path)
    (let [exists (.exists (io/file path))
          ^TitanGraph db_ (TitanFactory/open path)]
      (if exists
        (log/info "Path" path "exists")
        (log/info "Path" path "does not exist"))
      (log/info "Starting database engine")
      (swap! db- (constantly db_))
      (log/info "Started database engine")
      (if (not exists)
          (catch Throwable t
            #_(log/info "Failed to bootstrap")
            (.delete (io/file path))
            (throw t)))))
    (log/info "Started database")

EDIT: Trimmed down code per @alex-taggart. bootstrap- implementation not shown. I had originally included everything because this seemed like a context-specific bug and I felt it was safer to provide as much context as possible.

EDIT: Per @chouser, added how I'm disabling *read-eval*. This is the template that is generated by lein new app.

(defn -main
  "The main entry point into Extenium."
  [& args]
  ;; Prevent arbitrary eval injection
  (alter-var-root #'*read-eval* (constantly false))
  ;; Initialize system settings from the command line and configuration file
  (init!- args)
  ;; Start the service
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It would help if you limit your example code to just that needed to demonstrate the problem. –  Alex Taggart Apr 23 '13 at 20:33
How are you disabling *read-eval*? Usually this is done using binding around a specific use of read, read-string, etc. when passing in untrusted text. When loading .clj files of your own that you trust, it's likely you'll need *read-eval* on for things to work properly. –  Chouser Apr 26 '13 at 4:59

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