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I've been trying to find a postgres interface for python 2.x that supports real prepared statements, but can't seem to find anything. I don't want one that just escapes quotes in the params you pass in and then interpolates them into the query before executing it. Anyone have any suggestions?

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It would be helpful to know which libraries you've examined and rejected. – Jonathan Feinberg Oct 24 '09 at 0:26

Either py-postgresql for Python3 or pg_proboscis for Python2 will do this.

Python-pgsql will also do this but is not threadsafe. Notably, SQLAlchemy does not make use of prepared statements.

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These links hint at the answer when using psycopg2. You don't need special API extensions.

Here's an example that I played with. A word of caution though, it didn't give me the expected performance increase I had hoped for. In fact, it was even slower (just slightly) in a contrived case where I tried to read the whole table of one million rows, one row at a time.

    PREPARE prepared_select(text, int) AS
        SELECT * FROM test
        WHERE (name = $1 and rowid > $2) or name > $1
        ORDER BY name, rowid
        LIMIT 1
name = ''
rowid = 0
cur.execute('EXECUTE prepared_select(%s, %s)', (name, rowid))
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