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In the past month, I had written an app using map API ,such as Google Map api and other apis in my country.They are encapsulated well and easy to use.Then I want to figure out how the api was built and organized.

In the process,I found three open source projects meet my need ,osmand,mapsforge and osmdroid.With my study going on, a few questions came to me.

help for explanation

The picture is a screenshot of google map app on Android,it shows a base map ,some markers and an information window. As we all know , users can touch marker and information window,and they can response to the touch gesture.

Here comes the first question.

1.Are marker and information window View/ViewGroup or picture elements which are just drawn on the base map?Which choice is better?

  • In osmand, marker is picture element while information window is a custom dialog.


  • In mapsforge ,there is only marker and the marker is a picture element.


  • In osmdroid, they are both picture elements.


As for the touch event for the marker and information window.

  • In osmand ,user can long touch on the map and the information window will appear.User can also touch the window to do further things.When long touch event activated,one of a layers will intercept the event and dispatch it through those abstract layer until meet the specific layer which can consume it.After a complex calculation and process, the information window will appear on that point.Marker can be put later and it doesn't response to touch.

  • mapsforge haven't implement touch event for marker.

  • as for osmdroid , I have't digged into it.

The touch event handle of marker and information window of these three doesn't implement as complete as google map api and other apis I used before.

Here is what I think?

If they are view, MapView should be ViewGroup or be a combination of container(ViewGroup) and BaseMap(View).

  • benefit:maybe it is easier to handle the touch event.
  • shortcoming:the relative relation between MapView and them should be well considered when map moves.

If they are picture elements,MapView can just be View (or ViewGroup).

  • benefit:the relative relation talked above is not that a problem
  • shortcoming:the touch event should be well calculated and handled.

For now:

So here comes the second question´╝Ü

2.How should we choose the base class combination of Marker and MapView? What are benefits and shortcomings of each combination ?

Discussion in mapsforge google group

I'd appreciate it if you share your thoughts!

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