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I have a very newb question. Mostly about the proper procedure to take regarding self hosted Wordpress.

I am a beginning web designer and of course - for practice - I offered to redesign a few of my friend websites.

I have my own self hosted Wordpress site as well.

How can I set it up so I can generate multiple sites as a sub directory to my site - for my friends to review my design (using different themes for each).

If they like what I've done - I would then want to migrate it over to their hosts.

I do have a local implementation of Wordpress using MAMP - but most of my friends are in another state - and I would have to be able to show them the design via the web. Plus some of the Wordpress plugins (like Jetpack) only work on a live site.

Please advise the proper procedure.

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Easiest way would be to install WordPress in a sub-directory on your web server for each site that you want to code out, with it's own MySQL database. No hassles with Multisite, and easy to backup and port to a new webhost when its ready to go live.

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Thanks!!! I truly appreciate it! – Michael K. May 29 '13 at 22:46

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