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Today i am going to create an iphone application which is compatible with iphone4 and iphone5. Earlier i have changed iphone4 application views programetically by using below code to adjust controllers for iphone5.

 CGRect screenBounds = [[UIScreen mainScreen] bounds];
 if (screenBounds.size.height == 568) {
 // code for iphone5
 else {
 // code for iphone4

am thinking this is difficult to track all the frames and sizes of controllers each and every time. I have created one sample app and also tried with Auto-resizing option(i have put check mark) at the starting of view and selected size Retina 4 full screen in inspector. And also selected simulator hardware-device is iphone Retina-4 inch

selected for iphone5

if i change simulator hardware-device is iphone Retina-3.5 inch then the screen is looking like

selected for iphone4

My question is without setting frames how can i achieve this problem. Please help me. Thanks in advance.

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You can use this link for autosizing

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You problem could be resolved easily using Autolayout feature provided in the XCode Version 4.x . Go through the following link :-

By applying few contraints using Autolayout your problem could easily be resolved. Happy Coding :)

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Instead of giving static numbers give frames dynamically. means instead of giving 320 give self.view.frame.size.width so you no need to check the device, just you need to add default splash screen.

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I need to set frames to controllers like Label, textFields and buttons. Bcoz in my app i have lots of registration forms. – Ganesh Guturi Apr 23 '13 at 6:17
@G.Ganesh Then you can user auto layout but I think it won't support iOS4 and bellow. Try it and comment whether it is resolved or not. – AMohan Apr 23 '13 at 6:21

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