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 def findAllQuestion():List[Question]={

type mismatch; found : java.util.List[com.aitrich.learnware.model.domain.entity.Question] required: scala.collection.immutable.List[com.aitrich.learnware.model.domain.entity.Question]

I have this scala method with above error. Cannot convert into scala list.

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You can simply convert the List using Scala's JavaConverters:

import scala.collection.JavaConverters._

def findAllQuestion():List[Question] = {
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This seems working.. def findAllStudentTest(): List[StudentTest] = { var list = studentTestDao.getAllStudentTests() var slist = list.asScala.toList slist } –  jijeshvu07 Apr 24 '13 at 9:34
Try to stick to vals instead of vars... –  fynn Apr 24 '13 at 10:01
a java.util.List .asScala comes back as a buffer for me oddly. –  phillro Jan 17 at 17:52
Me too: ` scala> import scala.collection.JavaConverters._ ` import scala.collection.JavaConverters._ scala> val l = new java.util.ArrayList[java.lang.String] l: java.util.ArrayList[String] = [] scala> l.add("hi") res70: Boolean = true scala> l.add("de") res71: Boolean = true scala> l.asScala res72: scala.collection.mutable.Buffer[String] = Buffer(hi, de)` –  critium Apr 18 at 16:23
a scala Buffer is a java List. Everything is fine :) –  mauhiz May 7 at 5:23

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