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I have a function that looks something like

function myFunction($team1, $team2) {
$query = "select team_name from myteam where team_id=$team1 or team_id=$team2";

the result of this always order this by the lower team_id so if it were

myFunction(12, 8);

the return would be team8 then team12. What I want to do is order the results by whichever team comes first in that query list.

Is this possible?

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function myFunction($team1, $team2) {
$query = "select team_name from myteam where team_id=$team1 or team_id=$team2 ORDER BY (team_id=$team1) DESC, team_id";
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+1 Surely including team_id as the second order by item is superfluous, since the query can only include a maximum of two team_id values (which have already been ordered by the conditional sort item)? – Mark Bannister Apr 23 '13 at 7:11
this is true. But I figured its no hair off MySQL's nuts to sort by the second element anyway, this is more extensible to other queries involving more than 2 items should he refer to this by example later. good catch :) – 75inchpianist Apr 23 '13 at 7:16
SELECT team_name 
  FROM myteam 
 WHERE team_id IN ($team1,$team2)
    BY FIELD(team_id,$team1,$team2);
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Try this,

 function myFunction($team1, $team2) {
 $query = "select team_name from myteam where (team_id=$team1 OR team_id=$team2) ORDER BY team_id DESC";
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