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I need to group-by a couple of columns, so is there any component with which I can achieve this?

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What I need is that the column 2 has values that can be added/removed dynamically. So, is there any component which can solve this problem of adding/removing rows and columns under column 2 dynamically.

Thanks in advance.

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You can create a structure with the fields you're interested in getting from the database and create an Advanced Query that has that structure as output.

In the Advanced Query's SQL you can specify your group by clauses like you would do with SQL.

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You can use javascript or jQuery to dynamically manipulate your tables. There are plenty of examples in the web, such as http://www.amitpatil.me/table-manipulation-with-jquery/.

If needed, you can call an action RunJavaScript, from the HTTPRequestHandler eSpace which will allow you to run the javascript inside a ajax call.

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