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I'm trying to open a password protected excel file using SAP ABAP OLE OBJECT as follows:

DATA: lt_excel_line(4096) OCCURS 10 WITH HEADER LINE.
DATA: app       TYPE ole2_object,
      workbook  TYPE ole2_object,
      worksheet TYPE ole2_object.


CALL METHOD OF app 'WORKBOOKS' = workbook.

  #1 = '<filename>'
  #5 = '<password>'.           

The filename and password are definitely correct and the following VBA code opens the file as required no problem:

Dim wb1 As Workbook
Set wb1 = Workbooks.Open Filename:="<filename>", Password:="<password>")

But the ABAP code always returns sy-subrc = 2. Anyone know what could be going on? Or what else I can try? Grateful for any help.

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I think the problem is with the parameters being positional only (just a guess), as the SAP GUI automation does not support parameter names. There are 3 parameters between Filename and Password, so you numbered them correctly, but I guess the SAP GUI automation controller does not see it that way.

I replicated your problem and got it working as follows:

CALL METHOD OF workbook 'OPEN' = document
  #1 = '<filename>'
  #2 = 0              "UpdateLinks
  #3 = 0              "ReadOnly
  #4 = 1              "Format
  #5 = '<password>'.

Here I am explicitly passing the parameters UpdateLinks, ReadOnly and Format.

I tested it first in VBA. It seems Format (#4) must be set to true. I don't know what that does.

Remember to set the document handle as a return from this call as I do here, otherwise you don't have a reference to it!

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Seems quirky that it doesn't recognise the position by number but this does work - thank you very much! Have marked solved –  db579 Apr 23 '13 at 10:09

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