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I'm using the R packages TraMineR to compute and analyze the event state sequences of my data. My alphabet consist of 7 states. After computing the event sequences, I've tried to plot the seqpcplot and seqedplot. However, some of the states disappear in the plots even if they are part of some of the event sequences/sub-sequences of the sample.
For example, one of my sequence is:

[1] (TD_FT)-8-(UN_IN)-2-(TD_FT)-74  

but in the seqpcplot and the seqedplot the state UN_IN doesn't appear anymore (I'm sorry but I can't attach images since my reputation on SO is lower than 10). I've already tried to split the original sample in sub-sample and run the same code, but the problem persist for some of them. I don't understand the reason why it occurs, it seems to be at random, but I'm sure that is not.

Thank you very much.

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Please make your problem reproducible, i.e., give code and data that reproduce your problem in such a way that we can just copy/paste into an R session. See this FAQ for details. –  Roland Apr 23 '13 at 9:46
Please try to provide example data, you do not need reputation for that. Use dput(). Second, please provide the code that you have tried, including sequence/event object definitions. While being a TraMineR user, I find your question formulation difficult to follow to the extent that I am not sure I understand it. –  Maxim.K Apr 23 '13 at 12:17
Recreating your example with ex <- '("TD_FT",2)-("UN_IN",8)-("TD_FT",74)'; ex.seq <- seqdef(ex, informat="SPS"); ex.seqe <- seqecreate(ex.seq, tevent="state"), the seqpcplot(ex.seqe) command produces the expected plot. So, please provide more details. –  Gilbert Apr 23 '13 at 14:25

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