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This bug makes me very frustrating. Basically, the rtBufferSetDevicePointer is not working as the documented way.

My test code is as the following:

  context = createOptixContext();
  RTbuffer bufTest;
  rtBufferCreateForCUDA(  context, RT_BUFFER_INPUT_OUTPUT, &bufTest );
  CUdeviceptr pCUDev; cuMemAlloc( &pCUDev, 4*sizeof(float));//(CUdeviceptr)pDev;
  rtBufferSetFormat( bufTest, RT_FORMAT_FLOAT4 );
  rtBufferSetSize1D( bufTest, 1);
  rtBufferSetDevicePointer( bufTest, 0, pCUDev );  // * generate an exception showing "cudaError at memory location 0x0051f0d8.."

  RTvariable testVar;
  rtContextDeclareVariable( context, "test_buffer", &testVar );
  rtVariableSetObject( testVar, bufTest );

Same problem if i use the cuda runtime api to allocate the memory.

I really appreciate for any kind of help you guys can provide here.


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