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Having trouble with a Scroll Area which disappear when we try to set the Maximum/Minimum Size of a widget inside it. Is this normal behaviour of it?

For information, this is how my screen is built :


And still have a lot of widgets in the Layout, which are the ones that I am trying to set Maximum Size. And when I do set Maximum/Minimum size on them, they prefer to stack themselves...

I should precise that I already set the widgetResizable property to True and that if I set it to False, the scroll area is here but then I can't resize my window because the widget keep the same size...

How can I set a max/min size on my child widgets and keep the scroll area.

PS : Here is what I've read on the doc of QScrollArea, but I don't understand it... But it seems to correspond to my case :

"If a scroll area is used to display the contents of a widget that contains child widgets arranged in a layout, it is important to realize that the size policy of the layout will also determine the size of the widget. This is especially useful to know if you intend to dynamically change the contents of the layout. In such cases, setting the layout's size constraint property to one which provides constraints on the minimum and/or maximum size of the layout (e.g., QLayout::SetMinAndMaxSize) will cause the size of the scroll area to be updated whenever the contents of the layout changes."

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Maybe check this post and this post –  ibi0tux Apr 23 '13 at 9:38

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