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I've tried using:

   win.set_input_focus(X.RevertToParent, X.CurrentTime)

However even without any focus loss prevention on my window manager this does not work, does anyone know of another way to do this? Xlib or not.

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There is a command-line tool called wmctrl which allows you to interact with EWMH/NetWM-compatible X window managers.

For example,

wmctrl -l

lists all the windows managed by the window manager, and

wmctrl -a Mozilla

makes active the first window in the list which has the string "Mozilla" in its title. There are other ways to select windows; the above is just an example.

wmctrl enables you to move and resize windows too.

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Perhaps this is the solution:
[Xlib] Force Raise/Map/Focus a given Window

A solution given (follow the thread) involves using wnck, which in Python is a part of the Gtk+ bindings.

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Try this:

window.set_input_focus(X.RevertToParent, X.CurrentTime)
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