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I have an application in android which has no. of activity. Now i needed that the context of currently running activity in a non-activity class. How can i get that.


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You can use Application class :

public class MyApplication extends Application {
private static Context context;
private static Activity activity;

public void onCreate() {
    MyApplication.context = getApplicationContext();

public synchronized static Context getAppContext() {
    return MyApplication.context;

 * setCurrentActivity(null) in onPause() on each activity 
 * setCurrentActivity(this) in onResume() on each activity

public static void setCurrentActivity(Activity currentActivity) {
    activity = currentActivity;

public static Activity currentActivity() {
    return activity;

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This "solution" is introducing several bugs in your application, including: memory leak and wrong references. Always take the control to the current activity. There are many techniques to track activity transitions (or fragments transactions). The main problem here is because you are using static variables to hold instances that you know that will be invalid at any time. –  marciowb Feb 11 at 22:52
That's why I wrote a comment in the code saying set current activity to null in onPause and set it again in onResume –  Abdullah Mar 6 at 6:54

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