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I have a variable that is set to session from the action form. I need to access the variable in the form How can i do it? This is the code I am going to access the variable.

    $this->unitCost = $this->getUser()->getAttribute('unit_cost');
    //assign variable to session value
    $value_lists = ($this->unitCost);
    //select value from foreach
    foreach($value_lists as $values)
        $newValue = $values['unit_cost'];

I want to access this $newValue any where in the form

I want to use this code inside the public function configure() { }in sFform where the widgets are defined. how Can I do it? Please help me in this.. Thank you very much

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When you call your form you can set it variables like this :

$this->form = new YourForm(null, array('Myvalue' => $newValue));

and get it in your form like this:

$newValue = $this->getOption('Myvalue');
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Your solution is a good idea, but I will rather give the full user object instead of only one value. –  j0k Apr 23 '13 at 12:57
I want to display the code I have posted in the sfForm where Widgets are declared. I cant use this code, I have already tried to do it. is there any method to get the value I have put in to the session inside the sfForm? –  Muditha Batagoda Apr 24 '13 at 3:52

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