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I'm using the same zachrone iphonepdf but I did not get the text. My text view shows nothing. What's the problem?

Here is my code:

NSString *text=convertPDF(@"Course.pdf");

But I did not get anything in text view?

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The text extractor zachron / pdfiphone (I assume you meant that one) is extremely naive and makes very many assumptions.

  • It ignores the PDF file structure and, therefore completely ignores whether the data it inspects is still used in the current revision.

  • It ignores encryption and therefore will fail completely for many documents with usage restrictions.

  • It completely ignores font encodings and implicitely assumes an ASCII'ish one --- this is fairly often true in small PDFs with English text only and not embedded fonts; otherwise the result can be anything.

  • ... many many more assumptions ...

Unless one only has to deal with very simple documents and the extracted text is not really necessary for the functionality of one's code, I would propose using different code for text extraction.

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