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I was asked to work on a very old classic asp application which uses xml/xslt to create user interface. Every web page has a asp page and xslt style sheet. i.e the asp page generates an XML file which will be transformed using the xslt to create the user interface. It uses MSXML4. It worked fine for 10 yrs with IE6 and IE7 (it works only on IE), now all the PCs are upgraded to IE 8, 90% of the web site is working fine on IE8, but on some pages when i click on submit button nothing happens. To find out the reason i started debugging using IE8 debug tools (F12 -> select script file -> set break point -> start Debugging) i found that xml DOM appendChild() or replaceChild() throwing an error 'the parameter is incorrect'. It used to work perfect on IE6 and IE7.

Now i'll explain why replaceChild() was used.

There is form 'Product Details' which is used to enter details of a product. This form has 10 sections, each section takes info about the product. say for example Categories(what categories the product comes under) Age Group (what age groups of people buy this product) and Suppliers etc... However there are no direct entry fields on the Product Details form(main form), instead when you click on each section it opens a pop up window to select possible values for that section, on Submitting the pop up form the main form's respective section is updated. Since the form uses XMl/XSLT, the popup form updates the respective section of XML and refreshes the main form. see the coding which causes error

//This is from the popup page, the selected values are assigned to newXmlData (xml)
//xmlDocument is the xml doc of the popup page
var newXmlData = xmlDocument.selectSingleNode("XmlSection/Page/Data[@name ='AgeGroup']");

//This is the node(section) from main page which is initially empty and now needs to   be updated with selected values from the pop up page
var oldXmlData = opener.xmlDocument.selectSingleNode("XmlSection/Page/Data[@name ='AgeGroup']");

//This is the parent node that contains all the sections data
xmlPopulated = opener.xmlDocument.selectSingleNode("XmlSection/Page")

//Replace the empty section oldXmlData with the selected values newXmlData
xmlPopulated.replaceChild(newXmlData, oldXmlData);

The above statement is throwing an error 'the parameter is incorrect' at newXmlData;

I have been trying to find a solution for 4 days but nothing is working. I found on microsoft KB(http://support.microsoft.com/kb/284856) that it might come if you mix Different Versions of MSXML DOM But i checked and made sure [var doc=new ActiveXObject('MSXML2.DOMDOCUMENT')] was used all through the site.

I also tried to upgrade to MSXMLDOM 6.0 but no difference.

I tried the following

1) xmlPopulated.removeChild(oldXmlData); --This is working xmlPopulated.appendChild(newXmlData); --ERROR: Incorrect parameter

2) //XML string is converted using.. var doc=new ActiveXObject('MSXML2.DOMDOCUMENT'); var myXML = String2XML("null17 to 241") xmlPopulated.appendChild(myXML); --ERROR: Incorrect parameter

3) //This is of no use but i tried and it is working, i replace oldData with oldData to make sure the replaceChild is working xmlPopulated.replaceChild(oldXmlData, oldXmlData); --Working fine

For some reason the statement is treating any new xml as foreign and not accepting as a valid argument. And this is working absolutely fine on IE7. And every time i try i first test on IE7 and then tried my luck with IE8, but it is very consistent to deny my efforts.

unfortunately, i'm not good at XML/XSLT or JQuery. and the forms are very huge to redevelope or to use an alternative way. I have to get a work around to make this up and running. I ran out of ideas as my knowledge is limited in XML/XSLT.

Please give some suggestion, the requirement is simple..there is a base form with XML/XSLT with an empty section as below

    <Data name="AgeGroup" />

i need to update the section with the below xml.

    <Data name="AgeGroup">
    <Elements selected="selected">
        <Name>17 to 24</Name>
        <Name>25 to 30</Name>
        <Name>31 to 36</Name>

any help or direction towards solution would be greatly appreciated...

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does it make any difference if you use window.opener instead of opener –  SearchAndResQ Apr 24 '13 at 6:15
i tried but it window.opener didn't make any difference –  DontnetJohn Apr 25 '13 at 11:05

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