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I have API classes A and B, which I've wrapped, say WrappedA and WrappedB. Now I need to call A.AddMappingTo(B) in such a way where i can call WrappedA.AddMappingTo(WrappedB), whats the best method of doing this?

Option 1: Internal members. WrappedA can see WrappedB.B.

// class WrappedA
public void AddMappingTo(WrappedB wrappedB)

Feels like it breaks encapsulation?

Option 2: Internal functions. WrappedA can see WrappedB.AddMappingFrom(A) which calls A.AddMappingTo(B).

// class WrappedA
public void AddMappingTo(WrappedB wrappedB)

//class WrappedB
public void AddMappingFrom(A a)

Feels like it breaks cohesion - now both WrappedA and WrappedB have functions which involve mapping to each other?

Any other options?

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Maybe you can try to explain more on a higher level what you want to archieve? Maybe there is an alternative way? – Wim Deblauwe Apr 23 '13 at 12:05
I have code which must use an awful API so I'm writing an adapter layer / framework layer to wrap the API calls into something sensible so both myself and other developers can use the framework as a much nicer interface to the API. – Michael Parker Apr 23 '13 at 12:35

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