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I am getting java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: invalid content length error while importing 2.6 GByte xml in solr . command i used is java -Durl=http://solrserver.local:8080/solr/solr1/update -jar post.jar dssolrprice.xml . the maxHttpHeaderSize is 10485760 in tomcat server.xml. what could be the reason

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Can you write detailed error and format it at your question? – kamaci Apr 23 '13 at 14:37

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Use DataImportHandler instead, it works in a streaming fashion. You should not be sending files that big over an internet connection.

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There are some limit when you post something via HTTP. i.e. I think that default size for HTTP post at Tomcat is 2 MB.

1) So maybe you can consider DataImportHandler for such kind of purposes.

2) On the other hand you can use a SolrJ client and split your data into chunks(if you can) and send them to index.

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