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Is it possible to create your own Layer? like:

public class MyLayer extends javax.microedition.lcdui.game.Layer{

i get the error: "Layer() is not public in Layer; cannot be accessed from outside the package."

I wanted to draw some 2D graphics (import javax.microedition.lcdui.Graphics), and on top of that a Sprite coursor. Graphics are mostly still, so there's no need to draw them every time, so i thought layerManager will help me, but with that one i'd need it to be a Sprite or a TiledLayer. Creating my own Layer would solve the problem.

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Did you import javax.microedition.lcdui.game? –  Asier Aranbarri Apr 23 '13 at 11:53

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Layer is not designed for extension outside the javax.microedition.lcdui.game package. The error messages is clear about it.
But you may extend TiledLayer or Sprite.


As paint method on both classes is final (pointed by @bartholomew-surma on comments) my above statement is invalid. Another approach is to create a mutable Image, call getGraphics method, draw the 2D graphics in it and finally paint the sprite.

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Both TiledLayer's and Sprite's paint methods are final, can't paint my Graphics with them. –  Bartholomew Surma Apr 23 '13 at 19:00

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