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I am trying to set the height and width of the jwplayer using jquery. Its working fine in all the desktop systems. but in Ipad, its not working properly. It showing the vertical scroll bar. I using the following calculation.

 jwpwt = ((document.documentElement.clientWidth/100)*70);
 jwpht = ((document.documentElement.clientHeight/100)*65);

                        flashplayer: '/media/js/player.swf',
                        height: jwpht,
                        width: popwt,
                        stretching :'exactfit',
                        autostart: true

I dont know, which percentage have to give for ipad window. Anyone can help? Please!

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JWPlayer is loading different elements on mobile device and desktop (you can inspect element on your ipad version using safari develop mode). I was trying to resize the player dynamically using width:100% height:100% and stretch:uniform. It worked on desktop but not iPad either. I guess for your case, you can try to put jwplayer inside a container. You set width and height of container. and for jwplayer, using my method, set width:100%, height:100%

Not sure if it helps.. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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<script type="text/javascript">
         width: '100%',
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