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i am new in using language and i try to edit code which is already connected to a database on iis server

the problem that i faced is:

i can retrieve all table that already exist on that database but when i add new table i cannot retrieve it on "not found"

the same problem when i add new column all already exist column , i can retrieve them except the columns that i added them

but when i edit record , the record updated on so the problem when i create any thing or alter name of a column

thanks in advance

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I'm not sure, maybe your last sentence answers this, but are you sure you're connecting in .NET to the same database you're looking and adding fields:tables to ? Anyway some code may be of help, the problem is probably not where you think... – Laurent S. Apr 23 '13 at 12:04
Can you post some more information like connection string and/or webconfig file? – SOfanatic Apr 23 '13 at 12:55

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what sort of data access technique are you using ? ADO.NET Entiy Framework (one with .edmx file) or ADO.NET (one with .xsd). if you are using one of these you need to refresh or add tables in these diagrams too. Otherwise please get your code here so that picture gets clearer.

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