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The examples show cache/?*, but I wonder why this strange combination, would the cache/* be enough?

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I presume you're talking about Martin's comment on the Ignore a file or folder question.

He's suggesting that if you wanted to ignore a folder's contents (all files, subfolders), but still track the folder's existence (remember that Veracity actually tracks folders, rather than inferring their existence from files under them), you could use:


in your ignores list. The difference is that just


would match the @/cache/ folder itself (* matches 0 or more characters).

@/cache/?* would only match files/folders under cache, since ? matches any single character. @/cache/ wouldn't match, whereas @/cache/a, @/cache/README, etc. would.

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Yes I was reading that question you mention. So I read it as /* means "folder and stuff from it", /?* means "only stuff". So how do you get "only folder name, no any stuff"? –  exebook Apr 27 '13 at 4:03
Not possible. You can't exclude a folder while including its contents. –  Paul Roub Apr 28 '13 at 3:23

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