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I am trying to sort a SimpleSortingVector in BlackBerry that contains french accents. The sorting puts the items with accents at the very end of the list. How do I sort in blackberry that will put the accented characters with unaccented characters. Collator doesn't seem to work because I believe I am building for too low of a JRE version. I'm building for JRE 4.5.0 minimum.


É = E

here is how I sort the vector:

ssv.setSortComparator(new Comparator()
     public int compare(Object obj1, Object obj2)
          String value = ((Item) obj1).getText();
          String otherValue = ((Item) obj2).getText();

          return value.compareTo(otherValue);


Thanks, DMan

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OS 4.5 is a challenge. For OS 7, RIM added a string comparer to StringUtilities that can be configured the way you want:

StringUtilities.compare(String aString1, int aOffset1, int aLength1,
                        String aString2, int aOffset2, int aLength2,
                        int aLevel, int aLocale, int aFlags, int aFlagsMask)

Unfortunately, I am not aware of any built-in solutions for earlier versions of BBOS. You can build your own sorting table for French characters, and write a custom comparer if you only need to support French. If you're looking for global compatibility, that will get tedious though.

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