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I'm preparing to Java EE 6 Web Component Developer exam and came accross the following question.

Given the annotation for MyServlet:

@ServletSecurity (value=@HttpConstraint) 
public class Myservlet extends Httpservlet { 

Which two are true? (Choose two)

A. No protection of user data must be performed by the transport.

B. All user data must be encrypted by the transport.

C. Access is to be denied independent of authentication state and identity.

D. Only authenticated users are to be permitted.

E. Access is to be permitted independent of authentication state and identity.

As I understand, default values of @HttpConstraint are: value=EmptyRoleSemantic.PERMIT, TransportGuarantee.NONE, rolesAllowed={} so I marked A and E. Unfortunately it is wrong according to the mock exam answers. It is says that B,C are correct.

Please advise.

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